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Get Here the Best Travel Insurance for Fashion Models
Dear Model, dear professional,
welcome to YRM Europe Global Insurance office.
  • As division of YRM EUROPE NETWORK, incubator of the well known @YesRightModels we have extensive experience in working with models travelling worldwide, in any time of the year, for few days or for several months in the same foreign Country.
  • Our services are open to any fashion model, any agent or mother agent or any other professional working in fashion industry who are in need to insure a trip making it safe and comfortable: we propose a top Insurance at the best rate and with very wide coverage and high premium amounts (from 50k to 2m USD)
  • We Offer Global Insurance Plans by IMG for Individual models and other professionals and their families 
  • YRM Europe searches the marketplace to supply quality insurance plans that fit your needs and budget.
  • Whether you are moving abroad, travelling frequently, maintaining multiple countries of residence, or seeking private health care alternatives, our Global Medical Insurance plans are designed to satisfy your need.
The best value package for you model is the GLOBEHOPPER Single Trip by IMG*
Travel insurance protects against unexpected expenses in case of accidents and other problems and ensures a
carefree holiday or business travel.
Choose the right insurance with the highest premium. 
The period insured can start also after your departure, anytime, any duration. up to 2 years. The policy can be paid and confirmed online directly and within few minutes.


from only




5 days


2 Years

 Incrementally extendable

USA & Canada

(see other plans for  other all Countries)

Maximum Limit

Premium Amounts

from 40,000€

up to 2Milions€

with direct payment 

Compare the TOP Travel Insurance quotations:  21y.o. European Model, travelling to China for 90 days with work Visa (Attention: only IMG insurance can be subscribed before or after departure from Country of residency).

Premium     Medical Expenses    Trip Interruption     Lost luggage    Terrorism Coverage     Sudden Dental Pain    Lost Passport

  123,11€              150.000€                     1.000€                320€                          1000€                          200€                          300€

Premium     Medical Expenses    Trip Interruption     Lost luggage    Terrorism Coverage     Sudden Dental Pain      Lost Passport

   207€                   40.000€                        NO                       NO                            NO                                150€                              NO

Premium     Medical Expenses    Trip Interruption     Lost luggage    Terrorism Coverage     Sudden Dental Pain      Lost Passport

   193€                   50.000€                         NO                     500€                         NO                               150€                               NO

Premium     Medical Expenses    Trip Interruption     Lost luggage    Terrorism Coverage     Sudden Dental Pain      Lost Passport

  114,78€              400.000€                     4.000€                200€                      40,000€                          200€                            400€

   99,90€                 75.000€

   84,80€                40.000€




*IMG Europe Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. International Medical Group, Inc (IMG) are authorised and regulated by the Department of Insurance, Indiana, USA.

IMG Europe, with its international operations centre based near London, England, is an award-winning, wholly owned subsidiary of International Medical Group® (IMG®). We are a driving force in the international health and expatriate medical insurance market. That’s because we’ve not only developed first-rate products that fit a multitude of needs, we’ve proven that our superior customer service backs them up.

We offer highly competitive and innovative international and expatriate health and medical insurance - providing quality cover to individuals, families and groups of any nationality living, travelling or working virtually anywhere in the world.

With service centres in both the United States and Europe, the IMG family of companies are here to help you when you need it most, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

  • IMG Europe founded 2002 

  • Seamless service across time-zones integrated with IMG 

  • Highly competitive and flexible products – USA and EU-style 

  • FSA regulated and approved and EU Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD) compliant

For more information on IMG Europe's parent company, IMG, please visit www.imglobal.com.

Wide range of quality and highly competitive international and expatriate healthcare and travel medical insurance - all backed by unparalleled services. Innovative products and services are available to individuals, families and groups of any nationality - living, travelling or working - virtually anywhere in the world.

After 20 years of partnership, Sirius International Insurance Group (Sirius) acquired International Medical Group® (IMG®) on May 26, 2017.

Under our new ownership, IMG now has access to the vast resources offered by Sirius, a $2.6 billion global enterprise. The company’s financial strength and market-leading position will offer IMG additional opportunities for growth and future expansion.

As a producer with IMG, you will still have access to the same great service and assistance provided by our teams in the U.S. and Europe.

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