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Fashions fade, Style is eternal -Yves Saint Laurent

We aren’t just another photography company.

We’re a special little and young family of artists, devoted to fashion and commercial photography with the passion for family photography as well: couples, families, kids, children and why not, pets, are our favorite subjects for our objectives.

We aren’t just photographers.

We’re kid wranglers, artists, giggle experts, style mavens, card and book designers, baby whisperers, beauty seekers, framing specialists, art installers, party planners and simply —good friends, an international group of professionals.

The experience.
We want your time with us to be fantastic! Here’s what you can expect after you book your shoot:


1. A Pre-Shoot Consultation. This is the perfect time to come into the studio before your shoot to meet us and to plan your clothing choices. Pre-shoot consultations are optional, but they give us time to learn as much about you and your family as we can.

2. The Photo Shoot. Your one- to two-hour photo shoot will be great fun for everyone involved—with relaxation for the parents and endless giggles and high-energy entertainment for the kids. When your child has a great time, the qualities you love most about them will come shining through in each photo.

Two hands aren’t always enough for our little subjects, so you’ll often find that we work as a photographer and assistant team! 

3. The Design Consultation. About two weeks following your shoot, we will meet at our studios to go through the photos, in full proof-print form. This is everyone’s favorite part! We will help you select your favorite images.


We shoot in your home, outdoors, or in our studio, which has both natural and studio lighting. We can also do a combination of locations.


We offer a variety of sessions, artwork and digital files to fit your goals. Our sessions start at 59€.

Some samples of photo-session (ask for personal offer):

"In Style" basic photo-shooting 69€

1 out-fit, 1 hour, 4 edited pictures + 20 RAW pictures

Studio wardrobe available (optional make-up +20€)

"In Style" premium photo-shooting 99€

1-2 out-fits, 1 hour, 4 edited pictures + 20 RAW pictures

Designer/brand/studio wardrobe (optional make-up +20€)

"In Style" gold photo-shooting 129€

1-3 out-fits, 2-3 hours, 8 edited pictures + 20 RAW pictures

Designer/brand/studio wardrobe, make-up

"Beauty" photo-shooting 169€

1 out-fit, 2-3 hours, 2 edited pictures + 20 RAW pictures

Designer/brand jewelry, make-up and hair style.

"Kids" photo-shooting 59€

1 out-fit, 1-3 kids, 45 min., 15 edited pictures

+ 20 RAW pictures, Stylist

"Family/Friends" photo-shooting 75€

2-10 people, 15 edited pictures + 20 RAW pictures

Stylist (optional make-up)

"Family" photo-shooting 199€

2 photo-sessions on different date,

30 edited pictures + 40 RAW pictures

Stylist (optional make-up +20€)

"Corporate head-shots" photo-shooting 129€

All RAW files + 5€ each edited picture

Stylist (optional make-up +20€)

"Pets" photo-shooting 59€

4 edited pictures + all RAW files

+ 5€ each edited picture

Ask for a free quote or book your photo-session

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