Follow a diet with the right advice? Now you can read the tips of the models!

by Alex Castaldi C.

How do the models always to be skinny? A life on a diet and fitness so much. These are the basic rules to have a model body. But in everyday life is not always so easy. Sometimes we need a motivation to follow a diet and the right advice to deal with it in the best way.
And who better than the models can give us some simple but useful tips when it comes to diets? Let's discover some!

1. Write a diary Take note in a notebook of every bite you eat during the day. This can help you figure out how much you actually eat in a day. Better yet if you write next to each corresponding food calories so you have an idea more precise.

2. Keep snacks in the house A mistake many dieticians is keeping you away from snacks. The models, however, are well aware that the snacks during the day are essential and useful to take with him to appease the sudden pangs of hunger. Of course, to be preferred over a healthy snack rather than an ice cream or a slice of pizza. A good idea might be a yogurt with 5 almonds, a boiled potato, or some popcorn.

3. Keep in brake nervous hunger Do not eat whatever comes your way in front only for a bad day. Things do not always go in the right direction but not for this we should feel entitled to let off steam with a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Try to shift the focus of a hobby, about shopping, cinema or something else that will keep busy and away from sweets!

4. Eliminate the sauces The food in the restaurants should not become a nightmare for anyone on a diet. Dishes such as salads, grilled meat or fish, sometimes, are served with special sauces which in most cases contain a lot of calories. Avoid, when possible, to put the sauces in your reach. If not then I can do without, point to light sauces such as soy sauce or sour.

5. Go with the Grill! We agree that it is necessary to cook steamed or grilled, but the important thing is to eat with a little oil and avoid fried foods especially if you want to lose weight. A fool at times are those foods that contain natural oils that accelerate the cooking process. Precisely for this reason there is no need to add more time to cook.

6. Cooked with spices You can speed up your metabolism with spicy food? Apparently so. Also spicy foods make you feel more satiated and immediately put in motion the body in burning calories. One must be careful, however, to spicy dishes served in restaurants, which in most cases are high in calories. Our advice is to add to the diet meals home cooked, spicy ingredients such as pepper, ginger, red pepper and black pepper, so as to make a valuable contribution to your diet in a way tastier.

7. Frozen Fruit The night before you go to bed, put a little 'fruit in the freezer. Whether grapes, berries or any other fruit left on your plate is indifferent. In this way, the next day you will have a healthy snack ready and nutritious. It would seem to be an unusual advice, but in reality there are two good reasons that corroborate. First, the frozen fruit is eaten more slowly than its temperature and this gives way to immediately feel satiated. Then, the low temperature of the frozen fruit stimulates the body to work faster, thereby increasing the metabolism and burning more fat.

8. Drink plenty of water In each diet water is indispensable and fundamental in weight loss. The water, in fact, accelerates metabolism, remove the pangs of hunger and slows down the aging process. How do you not love her?

9. Learn how to drink green tea Many studies have shown that drinking green tea, it can be of great help in weight loss. It can be a valid substitute for coffee and has beneficial effects on the body: it is an antioxidant, lowers the risk of cancer and strengthens our immune system.

10. Leave the mayonnaise List of all shapes mayonnaise is definitely a food out. Few nutrients, high in fat and calories. Add the mayonnaise in a bowl and healthy diet is equivalent to turning it into a calorie bomb. Try to replace it with the mustard: healthier and less risky for your line.


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