Weight Loss Tips for Women

by Alex Castaldi C.

#15 Don't Get Discouraged

You've both resolved to lose weight this year, but he's shedding pounds at twice the rate you are. Don't sweat it! Men are able to slim down quicker, but that doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. Ideally women should look to lose around one to two pounds a week. No matter what you lose though, a loss is still a loss and worth celebrating.

#14 Choose Strength Training Over Cardio

We're all taught that cardio exercises are the best for slimming down, but that's not strictly true for women. If you have a small frame you'll find that cardio increases your appetite. When you indulge in those cravings, you'll eat so many calories that you'll undo all your hard work. Instead lift some weights; it'll give you just enough cardio while strengthening your core muscles.

#13 Enjoy Short Bouts of Exercise

Modern women lead such busy lives that it's difficult to slot in a session at the gym. Don't sweat it though; studies show it's more effective to enjoy short bursts of exercise rather than long, work-out sessions. So do a few lunges while your lunch is microwaving, or run up and down the stairs during your morning tea break. It'll do you good!

#12 Get Diet-Treat Savvy

Buzz words like fat-free and sugar-free can be green lights to women attempting to lose weight. But don't be so quick to indulge; those diet options often have just as many calories as the usual treats! Sugar-free sweeteners can be just as naughty, and fat-free products often boost the sugar content to add flavor. We recommend skipping diet options entirely and indulging in the real thing now and again. Just remember to downsize your portions!

#11 Curb the Cravings

Women are more likely to give in to food cravings than men, and more likely to eat emotionally. You'll need to resist those natural impulses if you want to shed the pounds. The average craving lasts for roughly 20 minutes; if you can find something to do for that period of time you've beaten it!

#10 Sleep More

Around 70% of women get fewer than the eight hours of sleep recommended each night. This doesn't just make you tired; it also upsets your appetite hormones and encourages overeating. Set a regular bedtime and stick to it. Run a fan through the night to keep your bedroom cool enough for uninterrupted slumber.

#9 Stress Less

Women are more likely to feel stress than men as they attempt to juggle family, work, and social obligations. A little stress is normal, but high levels flood the body with cortisol, a hormone which increases appetite and makes us crave fatty, sugary foods. That's a recipe for disaster! Nip stress in the bud by breathing deeply or going for a walk to clear your head.

#8 Dress for Weight Loss Success

Did you know the clothes you wear could affect your weight loss success? Opt for fitted outfits or slightly too tight belts when you're eating out. The restricted feeling will tell your brain it's full before you overindulge.

#7 Don't Grocery Shop When You're Hungry

A rumbling tummy will encourage you to pick up all the wrong things. Instead shop after a meal so you're less likely to indulge in those sugary, fatty treats you crave. We also recommend shopping with a list; if it's not written down, it doesn't belong in your cart.

#6 Use Weekends to Prep

Studies show that 41% blame a lack of time for their poor eating habits. The truth is, you have enough time. You just need to organize it better. Use the weekends to shop and prepare as much of your meals as you can. Use the time to make marinades, cut up veggies, and even make whole meals to freeze. Then once the working week hits, you'll have a head start.

#5 Become a Domestic Goddess

Cook more meals at home, so you know exactly what's going in them. You'll be surprised at the gourmet dishes you can create in your own kitchen! Take-out and restaurant meals should be regarded as treats rather than everyday options.

#4 Plan Your Meals

Calorie-counting can get a little obsessive, but meal planning is a good way to make sure you're eating the right things. Set aside some time before grocery shopping to choose recipes for the week ahead. Studies show 40% of people who plan their meals lose weight, and keep it off. Look for websites with nutritional information, and choose meals that are less than 500 calories.

#3 Forget the Diets

We've all read about the diets that helped our favorite celebrities slim down and shed their baby weight. However, those diets are nothing but temporary fixes. Once you return to your old eating habits, you'll pile all that weight back on and then some. Instead of dieting, think about eating better for life.

#2 Don't Skip Meals

Eating less is important for weight loss, but that doesn't mean you should skip meals. It's easy for busy women to forget about breakfast as they're running out the door, or miss lunch as they're working towards a deadline. However, this will send your body into starvation mode, causing it to hold on to every calorie rather than burning it.

#1 Eat Less

It sounds simple, but this is an important one for women to consider. So many of us serve up equal meal portions to the men in our lives, forgetting that we need fewer calories. All the extras are ending up on our thighs and tummies!

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