Beauty guide to winters

Winters are cold with low humidity levels. We dish out some useful beauty tips to tackle winters.

  1. Moisturize your skin throughout the day. This can help your skin remain smooth and supple instead of cracked and dry.

  2. Drink as much water as you can. It will help to hydrate your skin.

  3. Avoid superhot baths. Do not take extreme hot water showers during winter, as it will make your skin rough and dry. Try lukewarm water instead.

  4. Avoid beauty or skin products which have alcoholic content in it as it strip away the moisture from your body.

  5. Biggest problem during winters is chapped lips; use a good lip balm with tea tree oil to aid in healing. Always apply lip balm before using any lip shade. It will help in providing moisture to your lips.

  6. Massage your hair once a week to avoid dryness and intake of good diet helps to retain luster and shine of hair.

  7. One should choose foundation according to the skin type. Oily skin types should opt for oil-free foundation, dry skin should go for cream based foundations.

  8. Before applying makeup always use foundation and primer to attain smooth texture for your skin.

  9. Waterproof mascara and eye liner is preferred during winters.

  10. Exfoliate the skin to remove the dead cells in order to moisturize the new layer better. Also exfoliating should be done gently.

  11. One must eat plenty of vegetables and fruits which are rich in protein, vitamin A, B1, and B2. Diet should include dairy products, whole grain products, eggs, meat, legumes, and green leafy vegetables. For soft and subtle skin have food rich in vitamin C.


Dry skin needs more care, so more oil based creams should be used. Use warm water for baths rather than hot water and immediately moisturize your skin after that. Avoid toners or alcohol based products.

Oily skin is at its best in winters. Though it secretes more oil but the there is no dehydration. One can wash the face twice and use toners to avoid too much oil.

Normal skin is drier in winters and oilier in summers. One should use face wash and moisturizers made for normal skin. Use toners to clean it and apply more moisturizer to T zone area.

Sensitive skin can be normal, oily or dry. But it has allergic reactions to beauty products and is super sensitive to the sun, wind and cold weather. It can also show up in rash, redness and, acne. So one should use cleansers, toners, makeup and moisturizers that are fragrance-free. Use gentle products every day. And use products containing chamomile, allantoin, lavender, camphor, calamine, rosemary, thyme, aloe vera etc.

Inputs courtesy: Make-up artist Niti Luthra

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