AltaRoma 2014 Gattinoni exhibits in the yard of the Cloud, the new architectural work, still under c

The Cloud la "La Nuvola", designed by Fuksas Architects, designed to accommodate a conference center and hotel at the Eur , is a construction site where the walkways are those of wood or metal, including scaffolding, hoists , sacks of lime. Not exactly the ideal location for a fashion show ( and , for safety reasons, it was feared the cancellation till the last minute). On the other hand, " the vagueness, the being suspended typical of the clouds and the time in which we live " was also one of the inspirations of the collection designed by Guillermo Mariotto.

Light and impalpable fabrics such as macramé, transparencies, lace leggings with crystals but also strict, rigid, dotted with sculpture jewelry such as rings that hold both hands, bracelets - cage necklace that close the neck, a kind of arsenal Wonderland, because femininity is not only sweetness of organza and tulle but also rigor and inflexibility of metals and stones.

Several white - bride dresses, not necessarily for the altar, the bouquet is in fact not to run, but to hold. It ' also the jewel signed, like the others, by Gianni de Benedittis brand futuroRemoto.

The President of the Gattinoni, Stefano Dominella, greets the large audience at the microphone and even Rome. The fashion show will go from now on, in other cities. "This show was the most painful and difficult of my many years of career." There is no fashion without thorns.

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