10 foods that everyone thinks are healthy but in reality they are not

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some foods commonly considered healthy , a thorough nutritional analysis may instead turn out to be less useful or even harmful to our well-being. For proper nutrition is important to know what we put on the table, and be careful not to be fooled by the false myths. Let's look at 10 foods that seem healthy but really are not.


1 . Pasta: a concentration of carbohydratesThe dough is so much praised as part of the Mediterranean diet , a careful analysis does not reveal nothing more than a concentration of carbohydrates, no fiber , no vitamins or minerals. Moreover, the paste is composed of a mix of white flour , combined water and eggs (although a small percentage)


2 . White bread: a different form of pastaLike pasta , the same can be said of white bread, which is nothing more than a paste made ​​under a different aspect . Again we find ourselves having to deal with a mix of starchy carbohydrates , which are not at all ideal for the balance of our body .


3 . Processed cheese: salt at willYou know the cheese , of a deep yellow color , like what you use for burgers ? Very tasty for sure, but certainly unhealthy , given the high doses of salt it contains. With two or three slices of cheese that you can get to overcome our daily requirement of salt and this is not done for the benefit of our health. We know what the consequences are of a high salt intake . Salt is the accused number one for hypertension.


4 . Juice: where are the fibers. When you think of juice, you immediately think of all the essential and beneficial properties of the fruit. But it is not necessarily so : the fruit juice contains many vitamins, but it is often full of sugar and fruit pulp there is almost no trace. In this way we are lacking in fiber, essential for intestinal health . Better to consume fresh fruits juice .


5 . Peanuts: salt and fat. Peanuts , a real mixture of salt and fat , which fails to maintain an appropriate balance between the intake of omega 3 and omega 6 fats . The peanut consumption should be limited or otherwise based on a consumption of dried fruit in water, without salt added .


6 . Soy sauce: it really worth it? We eat soy sauce and we are with a clear conscience, thinking that they are doing well, to be acting in a healthy. But it 's really worth ? If you look well into the matter and the composition of this type of sauce , we realize that not only contains a large amount of salt, but there are also really harmful chemicals to our body . Fortunately, there are restrictive rules , which impose to limit the use of these substances , but in terms of cost - benefit analysis, we may not gain much .


7 . Diet soda: an inevitable weight gainIt is often believed that drinking diet soda instead of the one with sugar, you will safeguard your health. But it is not so , because several studies have shown that the sugar-free drink is responsible for an inevitable increase in body weight . Also artificial sweeteners used in this type of soft drinks , such as aspartame , can play a major role in influencing the risk of certain diseases.


8 . Ketchup: lots of sugar and a few antioxidants. Ketchup , being based on tomato , should contain many antioxidants , such as lycopene , can exert substantial action in terms of prevention of aging. The problem , however, is constituted by the fact that the ketchup which I use often is not a natural product as well , but the result of processing that leads to a high sugar content and the reduction of the antioxidants.


9 . Soup : salt and preservatives in quantity. And what do you think of soup? We refer in particular to those ready , real attack on health due to salt and preservatives , which often do not tend to make the case . Yet there are . The salt is very bad and forces an effort to the work of the kidneys. Certainly reduce the amount of salt improves life.


10 . Vegetable oils : be careful at fast food. It is commonly believed that vegetable oils are healthy . In fact on this point should do some 'clarity and to make relevant distinctions . Which oils such as are used in fast food for fry? Usually we resort to palm oil , which is also a vegetable oil, which is heated , it turns out to be indeed no sound . The fast food on the other hand tend more to gain than to their health.

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