10 WAYS TO alkalize your body

Alkalize the body is essential. The acidity of the body affects the disease , excess weight and many other health problems . Fortunately, making the body more alkaline (the opposite of acid ) is easy.

1 . Drink water with lemon to wake up. Start the day with a large glass of water and pour in the juice of one whole freshly squeezed lemon . The lemon has acidic taste but , as we have already seen, the ' opposite effect on the body and metabolism.

2 . Consume abundant green salads with lemon juice and olive oil . The salad greens are among the best sources of alkaline minerals such as calcium .

3 . Eat a few almonds unsalted per day . Almonds are rich in natural alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which help to balance the acidity and balance blood sugar .Learn how to alkalize your body to fight disease.

4 . Drink a smoothie of almond milk and berries with added supplements such as spirulina or chlorella . Do you prefer almond milk to cow's milk , since the latter is acidifying and it hurts to adults.

5 . Work-out as you can or at least a couple of times a week. If you do not feel sporty , thrown on walks fast that they burn a lot of calories and speed up your metabolism. On top of that are also suitable for people who are overweight because they do not pose a risk to the joints as the race itself .Exercise also helps to eliminate acid waste products so that the body can eliminate them better with perspiration.

6 . Learn to breathe in the right way . Breathe deeply , it is essential for your health . Discover the benefits of conscious breathing , feeling the air that enters and exits your body. Pick a place if you can not polluted .

7 . Avoid absolutely the meat because it is the major source of acidification of the body.

8 . Avoid sugar-laden sweets and highly sweetened beverages like soda . Sugar ( in particular the white one ) is a real poison for our body and also facilitates the proliferation of certain diseases. It ' a strong acidification of the body.Did you know that you need more than 30 glasses of water just to neutralize the acidity of a can of cola ?

9 . Consume more vegetables in your diet. And I'm not talking about ;-) potatoes other than those desserts that are a good choice. Asparagus, squash , peppers and other vegetables are excellent choices .

10 . Add sprouts and algae in your daily diet. They are extremely alkalizing and contain many nutrients and enzymes that will give your body a lot of energy . Also find out how and ' easy to cook with seaweed.

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