Menu lemon diet , lose about one size in one week.

The lemon diet allows you to lose a size in just one week . The low-calorie diet exploits the properties of this fruit to optimize your metabolism and fight the feeling of hunger.

The lemon diet is perfect for those who need to lose pounds in a few days : in fact this diet lightning lasts one week and promises to lose a size . Being a low-calorie diet can in fact not be prolonged in time.

For the same reason it is not suitable for those with allergies to citrus fruits and , in case of trouble or problems, should be stopped immediately.

Then the following maintenance is essential not to reclaim the lost pounds . Let's see how this works, starting from the principles on which it is based, and then switching to the menu suggested.

Lemon is a valuable ally for health and for the line: it is rich in vitamin C, monitors cholesterol and is a natural draining and purifying.

The first strength of the lemon diet is the acceleration of metabolism, so you burn more calories naturally while improving digestion and combating abdominal bloating.

The daily menu starts with a glass of water and lemon juice may be added with a pinch of cinnamon and a tablespoon of maple syrup to drink on an empty stomach before breakfast.

Following is a mixed fruit salad with the addition of unsweetened dried fruit.

At mid-morning you should drink lemonade and eat cold or warm oil seeds (pumpkin ones are fine) or a fruit.

Light lunch with vegetables in a salad dressed with a little olive oil extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

A snack is allowed a portion of dried fruit (obviously not fried or salted).

At dinner you can alternate fish or meat cooked grilled , both seasoned with lemon juice and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and accompanied by a plate of boiled vegetables.

Even before going to bed you should drink a glass of lemonade.

Drinking a lot of it is critical to properly hydrate your body.

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