NOT PHOTOGENIC? You become photogenic: here are 5 tips to always come good in pictures

It 'a fact that not all people are good in photography. How many of us can say without a shadow of a doubt to be photogenic?

  1. Position the lens just above the eye line, extending slightly upward face. We push the tongue against the palate (whether we're smiling or not) to flatten as much as possible the chin and avoid the effect of the double chin. Even the posture has its own weight, let's get out of the neck from the shoulders, and if we let photographed in full length at 45 degrees to the lens, the legs should not be on the same axis, but one in front and one behind; spostiamolo the body weight on the leg behind.

  2. Avoid looking directly into the lens, just move the gaze slightly to the side a few inches to make the expression more interesting. Each of us has a better side, discover what your doing selfie on selfie and comparing them. It 'a test that can take time, but it's worth it.

  3. Poor lighting can affect our every effort to come good in the photo. Never be photographed with the light source coming from above or from below, creating strange shadows on the face that does not give at all.

  4. Even the make-up can help to ruin a photograph. Recall that the orange and purple lipsticks tend to make it look more yellow teeth, while the dark red lipstick thin lips. The foundation smeared roughly becomes evident in the photographs, noting the discoloration between the neck and face. Need a touch-up on the fly? Dab your face with a tissue paper (the oily skin is not good in pictures!) And pizzicatevi cheeks just as it was before the invention of blush. Reactivates the circulation immediately and guarantees embodied by selfie perfect. The effect lasts as long as a photo, but the result is immortalized forever.

  5. Have you ever wondered why children are always photogenic? Simple, are naturally relaxed and spontaneous, they have no tension or expectations on the outcome of the photo. So pull out the child in us and have some fun before the camera ... chillin. How? Being yourself and forget everything you've read so far!

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