Natural remedies for swollen legs.

Especially if it is not in the presence of a serious disease, you can take action by applying some simple remedies available to everyone, like the habit of a greater movement and to make fresh foot baths in the evening.​

You can certainly use the massage to try to alleviate the feeling of swollen legs. There are special lymphatic drainage techniques that can be implemented by experienced operators, but of simple massage can also be made by only proceeding with circular hand motions to be made starting from the ankles and working upwards. For massage to a base oil such as almond or sunflower oil may be added a few drops of lemon essential oil or rosemary, to obtain a greater effectiveness. At the end of the day is also helpful, when you lie down, spend a few minutes with legs raised by a pillow, so as to help the ankles to deflate.

Food The choice of foods we eat plays an important role for the welfare of our legs. If the swelling is caused by problems such as water retention, it is good to decrease your intake of those foods that favor it: salt and packaged products excessively salty, canned goods, meats and cheeses. Other foods play a positive instead of both blood circulation, helping the body both in its treatment processes. Among them are especially strawberries, currants and blueberries. Recommended also kiwi and citrus, also rich in flavonoids and vitamin C.

Herbal Teas Help against the feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs can come from the use of some herbs suitable for the preparation of infusions. The herbalist may recommend to guide your choices to greek hay and thyme, in case your problem is related to fluid retention, or to mint and blueberry leaves, gotu kola, witch hazel and fennel, in the event that there is a need to stimulate blood circulation. There are also herbal teas and ready-packaged aimed at those who want to have lighter legs, whose intake should still be evaluated with the help of a herbalist.

Infusion of leaves of hazel With leaves of hazel, to buy dried in herbal medicine, you can get an infusion beneficial for circulation, to be eaten warm twice a day. The ideal would be to drink a cup in the morning and one in the evening in the periods in which the annoying symptoms are more present, in particular in the case where the swelling is accompanied by tingling. To each cup will be sufficient to use a teaspoon of leaves of hazel dried and chopped, to leave in infusion in boiling water for fifteen minutes. Also in this case it is useful to contact the herb to receive precise directions related to their specific condition.

Phytotherapy A natural health expert will surely be able to recommend the herbal treatments best suited to your situation. In the case of bloating and heaviness in the legs, herbal medicine offers among its remedies tinctures, ointments or compound granules herbal beneficial as witch hazel, butcher's broom, arnica and horse chestnut. Their use should start just before the arrival of summer, so that the body is preparing the arrival of the heat and the inconvenience caused to it.

Green tea on legs Applying compresses directly on the legs and ankles can help reduce the feeling of heaviness and swelling. A pack can be effective by letting infuse overnight or all day of green tea leaves in boiling water. The tea will be subsequently filtered and used to soak the cotton gauze to wring out and apply on swollen legs until you begin to experience relief.

Vinegar on legs In addition to green tea, also the vinegar is to be considered suitable for the preparation of poultices to be applied especially in the presence of swollen ankles. We must proceed by diluting one part vinegar to ten parts water and dipping in the liquid of cotton towels long enough to be wrapped around the ankles not overtighten. It is a pack to be applied preferably in the evening and leave for at least fifteen minutes.

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